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5 Ways To Stop Tanking Your Ranking

5 Ways To Stop Tanking Your Ranking

Last week I blogged about how to retain and impress your social media clients. This week I want to speak to you guys about the mistakes I am seeing far too often on websites. I am going to try to focus on things that are quick/easy to improve upon, but there may be some difficult things sprinkled in there.

Your Page Is Too Slow

If the largest image on your page is over 1mb, you have failed. If you don’t want to compress everything in Photoshop or Pixlr, install WP-Smush and start taking care of it. Just be warned, if your image is too large, you will have to subscribe to the non-free version. Stop being lazy and compress the pictures manually, if you only have a few. Also, test your site on Pingdom waterfall and make sure all pages load in about 3 seconds or less. A little over that is fine, but view 4 seconds as an absolute cutoff point. You may need to upgrade your hosting to get there.

Your Content Is Low Quality

You need to constantly deliver fresh, high quality content to your website. If you haven’t hired an internal content guy/gal for this yet, it’s time. Google hires companies like Leapforce to actually READ web page content and rank it, so a human being is sitting there, skimming your article. If you think quality content is about impressing the algorithm, think again. SEO is about creating content that human beings will find value from. Strive to be on the right side of the quality slider, when someone actually evaluates your page.

You Don’t Track Anything

It’s important to have Google Analytics and a Facebook Pixel installed on your website; otherwise, you will not be able to see what content doing well and what content is falling flat. Which pages are ranking for opportune keywords? If you have multiple authors, which ones are producing content that people are engaging with? If you don’t have the data right in front of you, everything is guesswork.

You Have No Voice

Don’t just spout facts about your industry on your website. Think about what type of content a layperson would get value from and publish that instead. If you are a dentist, talk about the more expensive numbing medicine you buy than other dentistry in the area. No one wants to read a regurgitation of what you learned in medical school. People are automatically interested if you can make the article relate to them personally. People should be able to distinguish between when you write an article and when someone else in your company does. Sprinkle your personality in there.

Your Website Sucks On A Phone

I still can’t believe that some websites don’t work on phones. Being mobile responsive has been a standard for so long that if you still haven’t made the migration, the time is yesterday. The future is now, old man.

Mike Hudgins

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