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How To Keep And Impress Your SEO Clients

How To Keep And Impress Your SEO Clients

We all know that SEO is a process that takes time, but clients want results now. When you build that initial relationship, you have to find big improvements that you can make short-term. Obviously you have long term goals as well, like ranking #1 for a phrase that produces 5k visitors every day. In order to get to those long term goals, you have to find wins you can provide immediately.

Client Onboarding

Never take on a client that you are unsure that you can produce results for. That’s a waste of money for them, and a waste of time for you. You need to understand their follow up process, and how their business works, to know if SEO is even going to benefit their business. You want to know exactly how a prospect will go from a Google search to money in their bank account, or at least prospects in their pipeline. Their customers will buy when they are ready, but as an SEO we are expected to return leads for our efforts.

Google Business Listing

There is no two ways about it, Google business is king for local SEO right now. You need to immediately start tracking how many people are calling their business through Google business, how many people are navigating to their business using Google Maps, and how many people are browsing their website from the listing. Then you need to start improving the listing to be extremely relevant to their customers. I like to reach out to people that reviewed the business on Facebook and ask them politely to review them on Google as well. You would be surprised how many people are flattered that you want them to share their opinion with more people!

When you report your client results, you can say that you sent 100+ more calls to their sales team this month, or that 100+ more people used maps to navigate to them this month. You can continue to work directly with their team to produce them an ideal lead consistently.

Page Speed Optimization

It’s no secret that pagespeed is the #1 website ranking metric in Google’s current algorithm. If you have the highest quality content on planet earth, but it takes your website 10 seconds to load it, you are failing badly. Nowadays, there is an easy/free way for anyone to audit their page speed. Just visit Pingdom Waterfall and enter the domain name to find out how they are doing. This can actually be a huge selling point for you to pick up the client. If they have a slow website due to unnecessarily uncompressed images, you can come in and fix that on day one. This always leads to a sudden, dramatic, increase in SEO ranking across the board, solidifying your relationship with the client. Bonus points if it’s an ecommerce client, because 99% of the time a dramatic website speed increase will lead to a sudden increase in revenue. This dramatic improvement should also give you the breathing room you need to get them long-term big results.

Content Improvements

We use tools like SEMRush because it shows us what people on a national level are doing. For example, if I am working for a local business uniform company based in Morgantown WV, then I am going to check what kind of content Cintas is pushing out on a national level. I am going to read and become intimately familiar with the uniform content. Then, when I meet with the client I will be able to tell them why I think they should change certain content on their website. It’s always good to throw in local keywords, so that you can beat national businesses on a local level, that can’t possibly personalize their content for every area they serve. That’s where your opportunity to beat those huge businesses comes from.

Ongoing Client Relationships

Impakt has a 100% SEO client retention rate in 2018. One of the big things we attribute to that is the questions we ask at our monthly progress review meetings. We ask the client “is there anything I can do to make your experience with Impakt better?” so that we can invite them to volunteer anything that may be bothering them in a comfortable way. It’s much easier to deal with a problem when you know about it. You want to make sure the client isn’t setting on a problem that they will cancel for in a month or two, when you can easily just improve their experience instead. It’s much easier to keep a client happy than it is to onboard new clients, and you should make them feel like they are getting 10x more value than they are paying you! The very best clients are the ones that have been working with you so long and trust you so much, that they make you excited to get up every morning.


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