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2019 E-Commerce Survival Tips

2019 E-Commerce Survival Tips


When’s the last time you bought something online? During this time of year, it was probably right before you read this article.

As a matter of fact if you live in the U.S. you probably contributed to the $1.5 BILLION made by Shopify merchants over BFCM (Black Friday / Cyber Monday) weekend.

But the big question is – were you one of the lucky few to profit from BFCM?

If you own an e-commece shop but had a lackluster BFCM or year in general, we’re here to help.

Here are the top 5 things you can do to increase your online profitability in 2019:


1. For the Love of All That Is Good,  Use Shopify!

We could easily end the list right here, but we told you there are 5 tips. Shopify is a pre-built solution that is infinitely customizable.

Think a “pre-built solution” sounds janky?  Some really big names in e-commerce are using it to generate millions every year:

  • Red Bull – The energy drink maker uses it for all of their clothing and accessories
  • Lady Gaga – The queen of pop sells clothing, music and other swag on her store.
  • Bulletproof – Makers of all things for the keto lifestyle
  • The New York Times – use it for all their swag


2. Think Mobile First

If you’re not going to use Shopify (which is mobile responsive) you’re going to need to make sure your store is designed first for mobile. Mobile traffic accounts for more than 95% of the traffic for our clients and Shopify reported that this past year mobile shopping dwarfed desktop shopping.


Credit: Shopify

If you’re not willing to use Shopify we can build an online store for you. And if you are using Shopify, we can help you make your store a reality.


3. Bump It Up!


20% of all e-commerce customers will take advantage of an order bump at check out. What’s an order bump?

Have you ever heard this before? “Would you like fries with that?” 

It’s simply the invitation for the customer to add a suggested item to their order at checkout. This works because they already have their credit cards in hand, they’ve got the burst of dopamine at the anticipation of receiving the item and they’re feeling good.

Hit them with another opportunity to feel good.

Once again Shopify has some easy integrations to make this happen. And once again, we can help you make it happen no matter what platform you’re on.


4. Build It and They Will Come Is a Lie

Kevin Costner may have been able to put a baseball diamond in a cornfield and make bank off of it, but chances are you’re not a pro baseball team owner with a cornfield to spare.

What you need to do is build highly targeted traffic. 

According to Google “84% of Americans are shopping for something at any given time, in up to six different categories.”

What does this mean for you?

People want your product whether it’s a Lady Gaga shirt, a glowing dog collar or custom built terrain for miniature war games – they just need to know about it.

The best way to let people know you exist? This may come as a surprise but it’s still Facebook / Instagram Ads.

The targeting options in Facebook are superior to any other platform and there are TONS of benefits to using Shopify with Facebook, like dynamic ads integrations.


5. Kill The Pop Ups

You’ve just built an amazing store with products that anyone will love and you’ve just driven a TON of traffic to it. The last thing you want to do is interrupt the buying process with a pop-up.

Pop ups kill revenue in a couple ways:

  1. They interrupt the flow of intent and attention. Once you have their attention with an ad, nothing should disrupt their intent to give you their cold hard cash.
  2. Facebook and Google Ads throttle traffic to sites with pop ups. They essentially pre-crawl the site looking for performance issues. If they find any, they decrease the reach of the ad to their desired audience.

Chief among the “throttleable” offenses are pop ups and for good reason – they’re annoying. Neither of these ad platforms want to be seen as a gateway to annoyance because it decreases the conversion rate of the ad and increases the likelihood that people will stop advertising on them.

If you want to learn more about Facebook Ads and digital marketing in general, check out Impakt Marketing Academy (IMA.)

IMA is our online digital marketing training platform with more than 100 lessons covering dozens of topics. It’s what we use to train new employees and you can use it to get an agency level marketing education. Head over to for 4 FREE Lessons. No email address required!

Also, to get FREE digital marketing tips and tricks, as well as ideas and suggestions for your next marketing campaign, join our free Facebook group for IMA  .


George Cicci

[email protected]

George Cicci is the Chief Marketing Officer at Impakt Media where he guides teams of talented marketers toward hitting KPI's for their clients. He has a Master's Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications and has been involved in digital marketing for more than 10 years. George is also an accomplished TEDx speaker on the topic of using ADHD as your superpower. ...and he's an actual real life cyborg.

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